Lulu offers several ways to create a cover for your project! 

The cover creation options can be accessed after uploading your interior PDF. This allows our site to make a custom template using your exact page count. Your spine will be sized precisely on this template to make creating a cover more effortless than ever! 


Add Content

To begin, you’ll add text into pre-formatted text boxes that will appear on your cover. 

Choose A Template

Once the text is added, you’ll select from one of our four themes.

Upload An Image

Each theme includes a space for a unique image. You can upload that image after selecting your theme. Our builder is able to accept .JPEG and .PNG files. 

You’ll also be able to choose your theme’s accent color from the twelve available colors.

For this example cover, we used an image of one of our wonderful team member's pet friends. 

After your image is successfully uploaded, you will see the file name appear under this step. 

Review Your Cover

Here you will select your theme's accent color. You will see a pre-text preview that will update and show you what your cover looks like with each color. 

Please give the builder a few seconds to update each time you select a new color.

If you are happy with your selections, you can approve your cover and review the final preview. 

*Normalize is a term that refers to our site's process of compiling each part of your book together. If you are seeing this message, you just need to hit the 'Use This Cover' button. 

Book Cover Preview

After your cover has been normalized, you can scroll down to see the final preview of your cover! This preview will show you the bleed, margin, folds, and trim so you know exactly how your cover will be printed. 

Along the bottom of the preview, you'll have the option of clicking through to see your interior pages as well. 

Special Instructions for Comic Book and Magazine Covers

If you’re creating a Comic Book or Magazine, you have the option to print on the inside front and back cover! To use this option, you must upload a PDF with 2 pages.

We recommend downloading the template provided for a Comic Book or Magazine to see the layout requirements for this unique cover design.

Hardcover (Dust Jacket) Cover Formatting

If you create a Dust Jacket Hardcover project, you must upload a cover file. Our template shows how to design the flaps along with the front and back covers.

You’ll also select your linen from the available color options and add foil spine text. Note that the total character count on your spine cannot exceed 42. Additionally, there are limited characters our foil spine stamp can support.

Supported Characters:

  • Roman characters sets (A-Z, a-z, 0-9)
  • [];',./!`^&*()~+=:?"]ˇ˘°´¨¸¯- ØŁ
  • àáãäāăćčçďèéëēĕěğìíĩïīĭľĺñńňòóõöōŏŕřśşšţťùúũūüŭýÿźž

Unsupported Characters:

  • _ (underscore)
  • non-roman character sets (Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.)